2018-01-21 树德外国语 树德外国语

       With brilliant intonation still echoing in the brain, Senior One students have just spent a fantastic night that will be branded on their memory.

     The Dubbing Contest for Senior One fell on Jan.11th. twelve classes selected various forms of classical English film such as Harry Potter, Flipped, and Zootopia to show their best.. For many students who have never been on the stage to show their English, that’s really impressive. It would take courage and confidence, but they’ve done it so well, beyond what teachers had expected.

    The dubbers were of full emotion, which made audiences absorbed in the stories as well. Their perfect control of intonation let audiences break into gales of laughter in the hilarious part and feel the enthusiasm when it came to the exciting part. Some classes even added more elements to their shows, they even got changed and acted it out amazingly.

     Eventually, there were six classes which have won the award of excellence, and three for the third prize, two for the second prize, then one for the first prize. However, the results didn’t seem to be that important. Through hundreds of practice, they have already achieved something more. This is what makes the activity rewarding.


     12个小班分别选取了不同英文电影,如《哈利•波特》《疯狂动物城》《怦然心动》等。同学们将各个角色丰富的情感把握得十分出色,再配上出色的语音语调 ,完美诠释了一部部经典电影的精髓。有的班级还融入了表演元素,令人耳目一新,在“听觉盛宴”的基础上更添画龙点睛之笔。




  高一二班 邓洁芮 供稿